The project began with a series of workshops in Clean Break's studios, where the graduates worked in collaboration with  Zawe Ashton and Lucy Richardson, with Imogen Ashby as project manager. 
From this process Zawe Ashton created Heart Speak, the final performance piece. Rehearsals for Heart Speak took place in the surreal installation sets for it felt empty's promenade production at the Arcola Theatre. Minimal camera movement and 2 halogen lamps created the visual atmosphere of the shots, to accommodate the restrictions of filming in a cramped theatre set with only 2 electrical sockets.
Heart Speak was performed as a curtain raiser to the main production at Arcola Theatre, on 30 and 31 October 2009.
SPEAKING FROM THE HEART was presented by Clean Break as part of the 2011 Kilburn International Film Festival at the Tricycle Cinema.
Colour / DVcam
Runtime: 28 mins
Director & editor: Nicola Lane
Camera operators: Marga Doek & Holly Triggs
Sound mix: Louis Morand
All images screengrabs from SPEAKING FROM THE HEART 
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